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Our ring offering is inspired by travel, mother nature, spirituality and the beauty of adorning your fingers with designs that you can look at all day! Many of our rings are adjustable from small to large which takes away any sizing issue when selecting a gift. The ring designs that are not adjustable come in three sizes and we have a size guide to help you choose the right one. Designed in Australia and handcrafted by our expert silversmiths in Indonesia, these rings are mini works of art to be worn simply on their own or stacked – the combinations are endless.

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18 Rings

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18 Rings

  1. As low as $144.00
    Meditation spinning ring

    S (7) / M (8) / L (9)

  2. $60.00
    Double feather ring

    10 x 15mm across top (adjustable)

  3. $156.00
    Serenity ring

    17mm wide (adjustable)

  4. $120.00
    Pearl band ring

    7mm wide (adjustable)

  5. $132.00
    Ocean Goddess ring

    12mm wide (adjustable)

  6. $144.00
    Chakra healing and balance ring

    13mm across top (adjustable)

  7. $72.00
    Boho soul cuff ring

    0.7mm across top (adjustable)

  8. $108.00
    Braver than you think ring

    W x 19 (adjustable)

  9. $60.00
    Purity and protection pearl ring


  10. $72.00
    Wanderlust ring

    W x 8mm (adjustable)

  11. $108.00
    Love surrounds ring

    W x 19mm (adjustable)

  12. $96.00
    Helene ring

    25mm x 15mm (adjustable)

  13. $84.00
    Juliette ring

    W x 10mm (adjustable)

  14. $84.00
    Celine ring

    W x 10mm (adjustable)

  15. $84.00
    Palazzo ring


  16. $108.00
    Baci ring


  17. $108.00
    Electra ring

    W x 13mm (adjustable)

  18. $84.00
    Icaria cut out ring

    W x 20mm (adjustable)

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18 Rings

18 Items

18 Rings



Some say "your jewellery introduces you before you even speak." Statement rings are pieces that represent your unique style in the designs you choose, the fingers you wear them on and how you stack and combine various designs. Wear new and heirloom pieces together, mix the metals and styles, there are no rules!